Practice Physiotherapists

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We have 2 x physiotherapists who are able to assess, diagnose and provide management options for patients who have a new muscle or joint problem and ongoing physiotherapy.

Tracy and Adam will see you for new muscle & joint problems without seeing a GP first and can also arrange pain medication & onward treatment if needed.

They can also help with:

Joint/ muscle/ nerve/ ligament problems in any area of the body. 

Sports injuries, strains, work injuries, car accidents, growing pain, injury from falls, posture problems, and joint pain in pregnancy. 

Sciatica, tennis elbow, back pain, carpal tunnel, arthritis, foot problems e.g. bunions, plantar fasciitis.

Appointments will be available on a Wednesday, Thursday and some Saturdays.

You can book a direct face to face patient appointment with the physiotherapist by calling reception on 01480 473413